Always in the Same Place

I’m digging around in my enormous purse for my phone. There’s a little pocket–that I never use–expressly for my phone. If I only used it! I think of the time I would save! I think of the fumbling I’d avoid, the awkward stress, and the embarrassment!

I’m tired of losing my phone in light of the essential truth that if put in the right place, I’d always find it. 
I try this revolutionary concept, and I locate my phone immediately. When using the pocket, what I need is always right there, in its place, where it should be. So easy. So predictable. So accessible. No more scrambling like a crazed woman who can’t find what she needs. 

I consider the nearness of God and how, when secured by faith in that deep place in my heart, I have immediate access. I find what I need of Him without delay. I scramble no more.
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