Someone is Looking for You

Last night, my youngest asks me to tell her stories of when I was a little girl. 

“What kind of stories?” I ask.

“The ones when you get lost and someone has to find you,” she says.   

I’ve never told her a story like this.  But that’s the story she wants to hear:  a little girl lost and then found.  

Sometimes I think we can tap into the one great True Narrative just by asking children the kinds of stories they want to hear.  The story I tell her is the greatest story I know.  A girl was lost–desperately and hopelessly so–but a great God was looking for her and wouldn’t let her go.  He searched long and far and wide.  And he left clues and messages and little gifts along the trail to remind her of the way home. 

I was lost but Someone was looking for me. 

Journal:  Children love stories of lost and found, and they love hide-n-seek.  What other stories do children love that reflect the great story of God seeking after us? 

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  1. Having the chance to listen and tell these stories is why I am drawn to volunteer at our local Girls and Boys Club. I haven't yet but have no children in my life; I miss spending time with my now grown nieces :).

  2. Children (and grownups) love “The Runaway Bunny” because it is, at the core, the same story of being lost and found.

  3. That's there life being a child they love to play and have to interact with their parents, so enjoy them now later you can't hold their time.