The Storm Will Come

In this part of the country, it storms at the same time every day.  It’s the strangest and most beautiful thing.  You learn to stay inside at 3:00 PM because a black cloud will inevitably roll over the mountains.  You anticipate the fearful lightening, the wind, and the fat drops of rain.

You train yourself to wait it out.  You adjust your schedule.

And you smile because you know the storm will end in an hour.  You smile because you know you’ll burst out the front door and see a rainbow that seems to stretch all the way back to Kansas.

You smile because you know the storm has a purpose to nourish and cool things down.

I think that’s what I’m learning about the hard parts of life:  they will come, and they serve a purpose.  Knowing the storm will come means I train myself:  I go inward with the Lord, anticipate what I’ll fear, wait it out, adjust and then. . . and then, smile.  I’m cooling off and being nourished by this storm.

Journal:  Have you found a way to weather life’s storms?

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