Slow of Heart

This morning in Luke 24, we learn about the disciples who walked on the road to Emmaus with Jesus, but they could not recognize Him. They walked, with downcast faces, and talked about how hopeless it all was now that Jesus was crucified.

It feels like one big complaining party right there on the road. And Jesus was there with them the whole time! The Risen Lord was there, and they couldn’t see Him. I think about myself and my friends and what we talk about on our worst days. I feel like I’m often on that road, downcast and hopeless, because I just can’t see Jesus.

Jesus calls them “slow of heart.”

I think about the expression all day long. When I’m “slow of heart” to believe the great promises of God and to experience Jesus right here, it’s usually because I, too, am downcast and hopeless. I’m looking at everything that’s going wrong instead of everything that’s going right.

I love how Jesus directs them back to the scriptures and hangs out with them until they recognize Him again. It’s such a funny account in the Bible, and I’m glad I read it again today.


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