Our Wonderful Spring Activity: Pressing Flowers

My daughter and I go hunting for spring blooms, and we take a slow walk in the chilly spring air. I tell her that, when I was her age, I did this very same thing. I searched for blooms because my mother and father gave me a Colonial Flower Press with a book to teach me the art of flower pressing.

We collected the most beautiful new booms.

My husband made Kate this flower press, and with her pressed flowers, she makes bookmarks, jewelry, and art. Each day, she turns the screws of her flower press to flatten the flowers and remove all the moisture.

I loved passing on this tradition. I loved examining all the new blooms and talking about my own childhood on the Potomac River. Enjoy the pictures we took below.

If you don’t have a flower press, you can use heavy books (I used encyclopedias and dictionaries when my flower press was full), or design one of your own with two boards, cardboard, and holes for screws.




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