Released from the Snare

All day, I’ve been thinking about a verse from Psalm 25:15.

“My eyes are ever on the Lord,
   for only he will release my feet from the snare.”

A snare means a trap.  It’s a deceptively enticing situation or mindset that captures us.  These past few days, I’ve repeated this verse over and over again.  I’ve applied it to unwise relationships I’ve formed (professional or personal), foolish commitments I’ve made, and ungodly mindsets I adopt.   When I feel ensnared by something, I’m learning to ask God to set me free.

And He does.

Living with flair means I keep my eyes “ever on the Lord.”  He knows exactly how to “release my feet from the snare”–whatever it may be today.

Journal:  Do I feel ensnared by something from which I can ask God to release me?

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