Our morning routine includes espionage.  We have to scour the backyard for secret information.  

Even in our bare feet, we tiptoe across the morning dew to snoop on the strawberries.

Then, we plunge inside the winterberry bush to spy on the Northern Cardinal who built a nest there this past week.

It doesn’t stop there.  “We have to check on the beans!  We have to check on the beets!”   And we whisper because this is a garden reconnaissance mission, and I haven’t even poured my coffee yet. 

That’s what we do now.  After school, we’ll investigate to see if the eggs have hatched at the vernal pond. 

I’m right there with them.  Living with flair means I’m spying on Spring.  We quiet ourselves, walk gingerly, and peer into secret processes.  You don’t outgrow this kind of wonder.

Journal:  How can I find some wonder outside today?

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  1. my “mission” today was to rescue a small, adorable, kitten…it had plopped itself down in the middle of the High School car drop off line and right in front of my car! I am not a cat lover, but i could not leave it there to possibly get run over…so I picked it up(which i was scared to do because i didnt want to be bit and I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe) and put it in my car and delivered it to the animal hospital (they didnt want to take it..but they did…..) So..I hope someone will take it in ..God has a plan for this little kitty…