Praying for Endurance

Just this week, I pray and ask God to give my children endurance to complete their tasks. People with endurance know how to withstand difficult circumstances. They know how to complete unpleasant jobs that take a long time. Many people give up because they lose stamina. They can’t endure.

I read in Romans 15 that God actually “gives endurance.” I read in Colossians 1 about the “great endurance” the Lord bestows. But I don’t think about endurance as a gift. I think of it as something I muster up. I think of gritting my teeth and forcing myself. But it seems that God gives endurance.

Well, if God gives endurance, I’m going to open wide my hands and receive it. 

I’m struck by how every person I meet has something they must endure. I’m tempted to ask everyone I know what in their lives requires great endurance. I’m tempted to remind them that God gives endurance, so let us ask for it.

I ask for endurance for my one daughter who has to complete 17 pages of make-up math homework. How can she do this in one afternoon?

Strangely (and quite out of character), she buckles down, enduring it. She finishes it, and I remember that I prayed. It’s a simple example, but I know God heard my prayer.

I open wide my hands and suddenly know that whatever comes my way, I can–I will–endure it.

What helps you endure?

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  1. Thank you Heather I needed this in the midst of daunting Peace Corps challenges and especially needed a reminder of where to find endurance messages in the Bible. Love you!