More of You

I hear a wise woman tell a friend that sometimes people want more of you. They want the real you–and lots of you.

They want more of you. Lots of you!  I think about the expression all day.

I think about the way I hold back with people, even my own family. I think about how I hold back in writing and even in my teaching. I think about holding back even from God.

Am I holding back? Where? How? I imagine God says: “I want more of you.” Do I believe it, or do I think I’m too much and unwanted?

Living with flair means not holding back. We want more of you.

Where do you hold back in your life? 

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  1. This post reminds me of a chorus I sang way back in high school: “He is my everything, he is my all….” I do want God to have all of me all the time!
    I just ordered a book called Everything: what you give and what you gain to become like Jesus by Mary DeMuth. Mary's writing is always authentic and transparent, and I look forward to reading it. I decided to paste in a link: Everything trailer!