Peace in the Midst of Unresolved Things

Today my husband reminds me that we can have peace in the midst of unresolved issues. Our family loves to resolve things. We love resolution! We love processing life into neat categories and clean answers. We’re learning, however, that sometimes we just can’t settle relational or emotional issues right away. God asks us to stay under the weight of them, to trust Him, and to wait for wisdom.

It’s another step towards maturity for me. Last year, I learned to have peace even while disappointing people. This year, I think God’s teaching me to have peace even when things in my life cannot find resolution.

But I want resolution! I’m reminded that I can have peace when things around me don’t feel peaceful. What faith it requires to claim that peace Jesus offers when I can’t find peace in my external circumstances! I used to say, “If only this issue would work out. . .” or “If only I could settle this one thing. . ” But we’re learning that the “if only” statements–the ones that make God’s promises somehow dependent on outward circumstances–are just pointless and untrue.

I can have peace in the midst of unresolved things because God sees, God is in control, and God offers wisdom and resolution in His time and in His way. I simply don’t have to know everything or do anything right now.

I wait and embrace the peace–not just in the midst of–but even because of unresolved things that bring my dependence upon God into full resolution.

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