Every Week a Break: My 5 Favorite Crock Pot Recipes

This morning, I remember how much I love my crockpot. It’s 40 degrees outside, and I just love that cozy feel of something cooking in the crockpot. I love coming home to that feeling that dinner’s ready. Plus, with teaching and ministry events, I need those few nights when making dinner is one less thing I must do.

Here you go: (in order of awesomeness)

1. Pot Roast (Put in the crockpot on low, cover with a can of mushroom soup, and add a packet of french onion dip mix. Sliced onions, carrots, and potatoes optional and yummy. Serve with rolls and a salad.)

2. Pulled Pork BBQ (Put a pork loin in the crockpot with a can of soda and some beef broth. Cook all day on low. Before dinner, drain the pork, shred it, and add Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Serve on rolls with coleslaw.)

3. Taco Soup (Put frozen chicken breasts in crock pot with refried beans, frozen corn, jar of salsa, and chopped tomatoes. Cook on low all day. Shred chicken before serving. Top soup with sour cream, guacamole, and crushed tortilla chips.)

4. Spinach lasagna from Eat, Live, Run website.

5. Turkey Chili (Brown ground turkey and put in crockpot with cans of stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, beans–kidney or otherwise, some chopped onion, carrot, and peppers, and a packet of chili seasoning. Cook all day on low and serve with cornbread, chives, sour cream, and cheese.)

Enjoy the coming season with your crockpot! Take a break from making dinner each week!

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