Never Too Old for a “Sick Tray”

After writing about taking care of yourself, my oldest daughter ironically runs a fever and stays home from school with a cough and aches.

No matter how old they grow (she’s officially an adult now), they are never too old for the Sick Tray. Nobody is. You don’t grow out of needing loving attention when you don’t feel well. Everyone needs a Sick Tray from time to time.

The Sick Tray: The collection of comforting items delivered to someone sick in bed. It includes a beverage, snacks, and anything needed for recovery.

In between assignments today, I brew the healing tea and stir in some wildflower honey. I bring the steaming mug up to her bedroom alongside something to nourish her when she feels like eating–some fruit, a little sweet treat and some pretzels. Later, I freshen the room, open the shades, and rearrange warm blankets around her. The cat lounges beside her to keep careful watch.

In the afternoon, one must replenish the Sick Tray, this time with the tools for diagnostics and treatment that you’ve perhaps already brought the night before (one much check up on these things): thermometer, fever reducer, and a tall glass of fresh water. You might need tissues. You might need a hot or cool compress. You might, if the situation requires it, send up the humidifier.

I pray she recovers quickly. Meanwhile the Sick Tray stands ready for evening duties: perhaps a light dinner and another warm beverage.

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