Frozen Grapes While Writing

I’m like a puppy. I need to chew. When I’m writing or especially when I’m grading, I like to munch on things. But if I munch and crunch too much, my jaw hurts. And one can only eat so many carrots. But I found something I love: frozen grapes.

It’s odd: they freeze, but not too much. In other words, you can suck on them and chew them because they don’t freeze solid. And they are so sweet! I froze a bag of red grapes, and for this morning’s writing plan, I pop one in every few minutes. They hit the spot! They scratch the itch!

Another oddity: I don’t love fresh grapes. So if you’re reading this, and you think that you won’t like frozen grapes because you don’t love fresh ones, give them a try. It’s a different texture and flavor to enjoy them frozen.

Final odd thing: Chewing things aids concentration and memory according to various research reports. So if you’re doing a hard writing task, the chewing will help you. You’re welcome. Enjoy the chewing of frozen grapes today!

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