Taking Care of Yourself

I’m constantly reminding students and my own family to hydrate, to sleep, to wash their hands, and to listen to their bodies if they feel run down. It’s that time of year. Students and friends endure the actual flu, and it’s no joke.

So let me remind you: more water, more sleep, more hand washing, more listening to what the body needs. Let’s stay healthy! I’m mostly telling myself this. I intend to grab an orange and a green tea instead of a cookie, to add in more vegetables, to take vitamins. What if you considered that staying healthy is part of your job description today? And I know that people get the flu through no fault of their own; it happens. You can do all the preventative measures and still fall ill. After all, you’re with sick people at the grocery store or wherever you go in public. So when it happens–and it might–I pray we submit to the work of recovery and not exhaust ourselves. I pray health and healing for us all!

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