Losing a Sense of Time During Creative Moments

I’m so curious about the phenomenon of losing our concept of time because we’re so involved in some creative process. One of the ways I know I’m striking the right chord in my work is this feeling of losing a sense of time. Normally, I manage every minute of the day; I’m always aware of what time it is, how I’m using my time, how much time I have left, and how I might maximize my remaining time.

But now when I’m in a creative space.

Creativity takes over time. Creativity governs and rules it its own beautiful way.

Maybe, I’m tapping into something of heaven, some timeless, eternal space when I’m creating. It’s so wonderful and so mysterious.

It’s not just writing that rips open a new universe in which time passes in a different manner; it happened today when I was simply arranging photographs of my family from years gone by.

I have no idea where the time went.

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