5 Good Things: Try It

Years and years ago, I joined the Grace in Small Things community with the challenge to record 5 things a day I wanted to thank God for. Since today I woke up after not sleeping well, endured the bitter cold on campus, and scraped my car against concrete in the parking garage, I needed the day to turn around fast. So I offer my 5 things:

  1. I returned home from work in the biting cold wind, only to find many of the neighborhood garbage cans scattered down the street from the wind. Never has a trash day felt so windy and cold, I thought, as I braced myself for the hunt for my bins. And then, as I pull into my driveway, I find my bins tucked neatly against my garage door. Someone saved them and brought them close to the house to avoid the wind. I love this person. Thank you, God for the kindness of people.
  2. I realized I never thought of what I’d eat for lunch, and then I remembered that I froze a serving of enchiladas for such a day as this. I microwaved them and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Thank you God, for the provision of enchiladas! 
  3. My bread wouldn’t rise in my cold, dry kitchen, but then I learned from bread baking experts how to put a pan of hot water in your oven, warm the oven slightly, turn it off, and then rise the bread right in that warm, moist oven. Thank you, God, for rising yeast, fresh bread, and those who know all the baking tricks. 
  4. I have a bathtub, hot water, and bubbles. I have Christmas pajamas, hot tea, and slippers. I have time between my classes ending and my daughters’ arrival home from school. I will pick one daughter up in my pajamas, I am sure! Thank you, God, for winter’s indoor comforts. 
  5. I have a one-hour live radio interview on a Denver station tonight that came at the last minute. Thank you, God, for the joy of writing books, speaking about You, and radio hosts that ask great questions. 

I feel better already.

I miss my daily record of the “5 Things.” Feel free to begin your own this very day!



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