The Right Timing to Talk

In my advanced writing courses, we talk a lot about the right timing for writing. Why this? Why now? Is this the best time to discuss this issue? Why?

I think about my own lesson this morning when I want to address some issues with my teen. I think about my list of motherly “suggestions” about her life and how the drive to high school affords us plenty of time to talk about her life.

Wrong. Wrong! Who wants to discuss existential topics or personal improvement on the way to school when you’re tired? Who needs a discussion about life improvement when the whole day of school stretches before you?


I decide to wait till dinner time. Then, she’ll have the whole evening to unwind about it. Rather than early morning or late evening, a dinner conversation provides right timing. (Besides, by then, what seems like an urgent conversation might just not matter as much).

Right timing: necessary for both of us.

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