Look For Your Gift Today

Do you ever have a morning when you don’t want to get out of bed but you finally do and then you don’t want to get out of the shower but you finally do?  You slug along and wonder how in the world this day could be any good. 

I’ve had so many days like this.  I’ve wasted so many beautiful mornings. 

I sip my coffee and walk out into the driveway.  Frost covers everything.  Already, my wonderful season changes. 

But you know, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, how this is going to go:  I look closer.

Love Note in the Frost

The sun rises higher in the sky, and I realize the morning offers more gifts.  The forest, for one thing, reminds me to look deep into the dark and bare spots and find that bright yellow place. 

The oak tree tells me to lift my eyes as high as I can, above this bitter morning, and take in the sun as it shines on those leaves.

Oak Tree Waving Good Morning

Even today, I find a message in the frost and gifts within the trees. Thank you Lord, for the little arm of this oak tree that waves a “Good morning!” to me and for the hand that writes in the frost. 

Journal:  Have you already found a gift today? 


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  1. You make a great point that sometimes it can be too easy to focus on the negative as we sail right past so much of the wonderful in our lives.

    Love your emphasis on gratitude, and the invitation to look for the good.