Just As Excited

Late last night, we heard the news that PSU would cancel classes today. We also heard that the school district had closed school for children. It’s a snow day all around! Yes!

I find I’m just as excited as a child. I’ll sleep in! I’ll wear cozy clothes! I’ll watch movies and drink hot cocoa with tons of whipped cream!

Who doesn’t love a snow day?

In reality, I use the day off to catch up on grading while taking occasional fun breaks for a snow walk (which was much too icy and windy). I also left my desk to sample the homemade blueberry lemon scones my daughter made. Even though I have been working all day, it still feels like a glorious snow day. There’s no pressure and no rushing. It’s just relaxing work at a good pace all day long. Maybe we’ll watch a movie this afternoon. Maybe we’ll bake something special. We’ll take our time.

I love a snow day!


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