When You’re Rushed or Pushed, Wait and Pray

I’m learning in my various leadership roles what it feels like to react rather than respond.

When I respond, it comes from a place of wisdom and prayer and from love and peace.

When I react, it comes from a place of fear, confusion, or some kind of emotion that makes me uncomfortable. Normally, I react when I feel pushed or rushed into something. I react when I feel like I must defend myself.

I’m learning it’s better to wait, to pray, to take a day to think before you respond to a situation, especially an emotionally fraught one. Not every conflict needs immediate resolution. Not every problem requires your attention in that exact moment. As leaders, we can wait, pray, and seek wisdom from God about when and how to move forward in a tense situation.

I’m so thankful for God’s mercy and goodness to help me when I’ve reacted instead of responded. Reactions often hurt others or aren’t worded correctly. They feel defensive. They often mean we seek forgiveness. Responses are loving, gentle, and seek the good of all parties.

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