Best with a Team

If you told me you were setting a new goal for yourself, you might hear this next question from me or my husband: “Where’s your team?”

Ash said this to me recently when I needed help solving a problem at work. He reminded me it’s not good to be alone and working on something alone. It’s always better to bring people in.

This morning, I remembered a different problem I wanted to solve–and a different goal for myself–so I asked if he’d be on my team for this, especially since he has a similar goals. My new favorite phrase with friends is now this: Let’s do this together!

Historically speaking, if friends and I work on our goals together, we succeed. This might include anything from our health journeys to our spiritual practices. I used to think my goals were personal and just for me; now I see myself wanting to always bring in other people to see how we can mutually grow in our goals. It goes like this:

Step One: What is the goal?

Step Two: Who else has this goal?

Step Three: How can we work together to achieve this goal?

It’s simple! I know now that we are always better together.

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