It’s Like Style Died for Me

I’m shopping for golden-sparkly shoes to match my daughter’s concert dress. I have no problem shopping for other people. I have no problem assembling adorable, super-cute clothes for my children. I have no problem shopping for friends.

But shopping for me? I forgot how to do that.

Somewhere in the last ten years, I truly lost my sense of style. People joke about it around here; friends actually offer to take me shopping to find new clothes. My trendy and stylish friends take me around stores to point out what I’m supposed to wear. Don’t you just love this?

But I don’t love it. I don’t really love anything. It’s like style died for me.

So I’m shopping for the golden-sparkly shoes, and I find the most glorious pair of shoes that just make me so happy to look at. They shimmer. They’ve got flair. The sales people tell me how very trendy they are.

My daughter doesn’t like them at all.

“But these are so sparkly! These are wonderful, wonderful shoes!”

“Mom, if you love them so much, why don’t you buy them for you?”

For me? For me? The thought never occurred to me.

I march to find my husband and declare: “I’m going to buy some amazing golden-sparkly shoes for the spring. For me.”

He’s so happy for me. The girl he met and married all those years ago once loved golden-sparkly things with flair. Today, I find that girl again and put on new shoes. I’m back in style–well, almost.

Is it hard for you to buy things for yourself?

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  1. i love love those shoes and bet your heart and feet will love them also, they would look so cute with a pair of the pastel skinny legged jeans for summer, try it and post us a pic