It Must Be a Place of Rest

As I clean my home today, I realize that whatever I set on the ground (blankets, coats, pillows, duvets), my cats assume it’s a place of rest.

Even when I sit down, they assume my lap is a resting place. It’s funny that they actually believe I’m walking around for the express purpose of creating resting places for them. And they don’t discriminate; a bumpy backpack suits as well as a fluffy feathered duvet.

Here’s another place to rest. And another. Oh, look, there’s another!

Psalm 23 resonates in my mind that God does perhaps move about with the express purpose of creating resting places. God says to come to Him and He “gives rest.” I’m told our hearts are “at rest in His presence” and that God provides “undisturbed places of rest.”

I look down at those cats who quickly, gladly, and indiscriminately receive places of rest. Whatever strange burden is flung across their path, their immediate response is to use that obstacle as a place of rest. If God is in the business of leading me to resting places, then might I see my own blocked path differently?

This obstacle–this strange burden on the path–just might be my resting place if I let it–if I receive it as such.

Did you rest today?

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  1. I emailed this to my best friend. She just had a lumpectomy. While her outlook at this point seems good, she is still stressed and finds herself sleeping more than normal. She asked me if this was OK; of course! not only is her physical body coping with the aftereffects of anesthesia, her spirit is threatened by what may be, no matter how positive a spin she puts on it. This post is PERFECT for her. Thank you.