That Eager, That Receptive

The sun comes out again after so many dreary days. At after-school pick up, the parents gather in front of the school to retrieve their children.

The school doors open, and one little boy races–and I mean races–outside with his head fully tilted up towards that sun. A sea of parents and faculty part as he barrels on through them.

He’s galloping now and casting off whatever hinders him: backpack, jacket, and even shoes were it not for the warning of his father to keep his clothing on.

He’s off running to nowhere in particular. He’s enjoying the ever-so-slight variation in winter temperature and cloud covering; the sunshine means it’s a different kind of day.

I love his response to even a little bit of warmth and light.  He feels it fully and takes off anything that blocks that sun’s arrival on his wintered skin. Not even people stand in his way.

I want to be that eager, that receptive. I want to gallop out the doors and let the sun shine on me.

Do you remember leaving school on sunny days?

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