It Looks Like Cotton

This morning, the snow on the trees looks just like cotton on a hot, blue-sky summer day.  

Cotton or Snow? 

I love the way the mind works by analogy and association.  I know the beauty of this tree branch because of what it approximates:  it’s like something else.  Is this what it means to learn?  Is this what it means to make sense of something? 

I know it’s freezing out here.  I know the branch icily traps this snow.  There’s nothing cotton about it. 

But turning this snow into cotton for a moment brought some joy to the day.

Journal:  Can you think of a good comparison that brings some joy?   

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0 Responses

  1. That is a beautiful picture!  I can only imagine how very cold it must be to allow that to happen though!

  2. On the way home from school today, I told my girls, “I'm sad to see the branches on the ground.” They agreed. But they also had a blast all weekend playing in the cotton that caused it.