I Go Out. I Come Back.

For the last month, I’ve adopted a new walking program around my neighborhood. It’s a 3 mile loop. 

In 3 miles, I can process the day.

In 3 miles, I can write a new chapter in my head.

In 3 miles, I can connect with several neighbors on the way.

In 3 miles, I can lose weight. I have lost weight! So easy!

In 3 miles, I can change from an angry mother to a peaceful and inspired one.

My friend tells me that there’s something about moving rhythmically through space–for a long time–that takes the rough edge off of life.

I go out one kind of woman, and I come back another.

I love it so much that I wish I had been a walker all this time.

Do you have any tips or inspiration for new walkers?

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  1. Good shoes but not till you're sure you will keep up walking/running. Take a dog – a neighbor's, a friend's; boy, will you meet people and the dog will benefit from being with a different person. Keep up your pace but, knowing you a bit, do smell the flowers!