I Can’t Tell You

I’m eating dinner with my six year old, and she announces that she has the world’s best math teacher.  For a little girl who has struggled in school, her report amazes me. 

“She doesn’t tell us the answer, Mom.  She lets us learn.  Do you know the difference between telling and learning?”

I feel the flair coming on, and I put down my fork and look her right in the eyes.

“Telling means you just get the answer from the teacher.  Learning means you have to figure it out.  And then you know it.  And then you can solve any problem because you know it.”

She tilts her little chin up in the air, proud and confident.  “I can probably solve any math problem now,” she reasons.

This, of course, explains why God doesn’t always tell me the answer.  He’s letting me figure something out so I know it. Oh, the problems I will be able to solve one day!

What is learning?  How do we know we’re learning? 

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  1. I remember a paper on division. I had such fun, got 100% – when did I become afraid of math? or anything else for that matter?
    Yes, your daughter can solve any math problem – except perhaps PI…