Healing Comparison and Fear of Missing Out

I still remind myself of the truths of Seated with Christ every new morning. It’s not just for me; it’s because I’m raising teen girls. We need to know we’re seated at the Greatest Table with the Greatest King now more than ever. The lies of the culture abound: we need this vacation, this kind of house, this kind of wardrobe, this kind of career, and this kind of life in order to have that seat at the table we think brings life.

That table doesn’t bring life at all. It brings death of the worst kind. The only path to peace and fulfillment is the one that leads to Jesus–at His table in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 2:6).

If you know someone who needs this message, Moody Publishers has a great discount until the end of July on Seated with Christ. For college students headed back to school or for anyone who fears they’re missing out, I pray that Seated helps heal that wound of comparison.

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