What’s Best for the Team

This week, I’m volunteering as a “huddle coach” for our church’s MEGA Sports Camp. I learned a wonderful point about living in a way that’s “best for the team.” In other words, sometimes you sit out because that’s what’s best for the team. Sometimes, the coach puts you in the game because that’s best. Either way, your attitude centers around what’s best for the team.

I consider how whatever God’s doing in my own life–in seasons of sitting out or playing center field–I’m surrendering to Him and believing that what’s happening is best for the team. We don’t work alone in ministry; all over the world we together serve the Lord. And we do what’s best for the team.

I loved watching the children learn about sportsmanship and how a coach decides what’s best for the team. We trust that Coach and learn to work on our team.

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