Encouraging People in Four Ways

As you know, I love to encourage people. Today I realized that it’s important to teach others how to encourage one another. It doesn’t come naturally to many of us, so I thought I’d provide this list that I’ve been teaching my children.

  1. Tell others you are glad to be with them and why. You can say, “I’m so glad to spend time with you because you always__________________.”

  2. Notice something unique they do that inspires you. You can say, “I noticed that you____________. That was inspiring!”

  3. Point out to people what you admire about their good character, or anything you see in them that reminds you of Jesus. You can say, “When you did that, it made me think of Jesus.”

  4. Announce when someone has done a great job on anything. Sometimes I’ll call out, “Well done! Well done!”

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