Getting Rid of All the Old Excuses

I’m at an indoor pool that features a climbing wall with a waterfall.  All the children climb up the wall and then jump off into the water. 

“You have to do this, Mom,” my oldest insists.

I’m too old and out of shape for this sort of thing.  Besides, I would look like a fool. 

And that’s exactly why I did it.  

(I only made it halfway up the wall, but I still did it!)

Journal:  What activity does someone want me to try that I’m using all the old excuses to avoid? 

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  1. I just downloaded pictures of my 14 yr old son cliff jumping into 65 degree water during his week at camp in Canada….I can't even fathom!!

  2. Oh, I need to expunge “old” from my thoughts and vocabulary! I need to get out and try like you did. What fun, good adrenaline rush :). Thanks – sounds like you are enjoying CO.