A Very Curious Thing

Cottonwood Seeds on the Lawn

I walk outside and great puffs of white float about me.  It’s not snow; it’s cottonwood seed

The seeds pile up on driveways, on the sides of streets, and on lawns and gardens.  I’ve never seen anything like it. 

All through lunch, I think about cottonwood trees.  I wonder where all these seeds end up and why millions of cottonwood aren’t somehow sprouting all over Colorado with this kind of onslaught of seeds.

Could I stuff a pillow with cottonwood seeds?  Might I make a great comforter for my bed?  In the midst of these questions, I realize something:  Being curious about the world makes me very happy.  Living with flair means you take a look around and ask a question.  You develop that lost art of curiosity so natural in children.

I’m traveling with a group of professors, and we talk about the strange things we are curious about on this day alone.  Surprisingly, I’m not the only one who feels curious about random things.  Today, some wonder:

1.  Where did the concept of “family pews” originate?
2.  What really is sorbet?
3.  Is diving into a pool of cold water or wading in slowly better for acclimation?

I laughed out loud and smiled about the kinds of things we think about.  I want to stay curious for my whole life.  

Journal:  What did you wonder about today?  

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  1. Wondering ~ A wonderful quality to develop.

    It's one of the qualities I pray for my GRANDson. He is a wonderer. I pray that that will always characterize him.

    What a fun and stimulating conversation with friends.