“Find New Folks Each Time Around”

I take some girls ice skating today, and we’re having the best time holding hands as we all go around the rink. But then, an official looking skater approaches us and tells us that we “can only hold hands with one other person.”

Apparently, our long chain of hilarious bliss hinders other skaters. Our great little group blocks, distracts, and endangers others.

“Break apart!” I call out. “Mix up it! Find different partners each time around!”

Suddenly, I recall a conversation I had with a woman who still–after all these years–feels hurt by various cliques in her community. I see it visually: people holding hands, forming little groups of hilarious bliss, that, in all their fun and joy, end up hindering, distracting, and even endangering others. They end up oblivious to the journey others are on right beside them.

“It’s a good lesson, girls.”  

Don’t hold so tightly to a little group that you hurt the flow of community. Mix it up. Find new folks each time around.

Were you harmed by cliques growing up?

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  1. Very interesting insight about cliques and how your innocent pleasure surfaced that insight. I think you are right and it is a good lesson. I have not been hurt by cliques but I have observed them and know they can wound others.

  2. This is such a good illustration and I do hope the girls learn the life lesson. At 10, I was transferred to a private 12 year girl's school. I didn't understand cliques, but I learned I didn't fit.
    I gave up on reunions because it was much the same. Perhaps I will go to the next, on a mission to discover someone's hand and learn about their journey.