What You Otherwise Wouldn’t: In Praise of Gloomy Days

We all agree that cold rain is our least favorite weather event.

We’re walking to school, and suddenly, the dark sky pours down cold rain upon the icy sidewalks. We weren’t expecting this, and even our phone apps don’t predict it.

We frantically borrow umbrellas from kind neighbors and dial our phones to beg for rides up to the school. Eventually, children find shelter by the school building, and the adults tuck themselves inside various minivans.

It’s cozy.

Later, I find myself doing what I otherwise wouldn’t: I boil water for tea, sit with a book and listen to the rain, and find myself generally slowing down.

The somber, gloomy day offers a slow-motion alternative. The soundtrack of rain with a setting of dark sky forces a certain calm. It asks you to get cozy, stay warm, and sip tea.

Exactly what I needed.


Are you having a gloomy day in your part of the world?

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