Favorite Sounds: A Dinner Conversation Question

Several years ago, we talked at dinner about our favorite sounds. Think about it: the sound of a knife spreading butter on toast or the definitive click of the seat belt. What about wind in the trees on a quiet evening or the crunch of fall leaves underfoot? Of course you might mention the flowing water of the creek or the crackle of a campfire. I think of the sound of a vacuum sucking up crumbs, the way feathers sound when a duck takes flight, or how it sounds to crack an egg into the bowl.

I like the way it sounds to make the first cut into a ripe watermelon. I like the sound of the car turning into a driveway to signal how a loved one has returned.

I love the first notes of a song I’ll recognize and dance to and the purring of the cat. I love the sound of the keyboard when I’m typing fast. Sometimes I forget the gift of hearing and how so many sounds create such wonderful feelings and memories.

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