Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

I don’t want to write this morning.  But I remember that once I start doing something–even if I don’t feel like it–I begin to love it once I’m in it.

I love it once I’m in it, so I’m learning to ignore the tug of “I don’t feel like doing this.”

I have to get in it.

Because deep inside, I do feel like doing this (only I don’t know it yet).

I’ve never, in all these years of writing, not felt that love of it once I’m in it.

It’s the starting that’s hard.

So I keep doing it even if I don’t fee like it. And within just a minute, I’m in it and loving it.

I realize this concept applies to so many things! I just have to remember it!

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  1. I felt this way while jogging today, Heather!  Lacing up the shoes and getting out the door is the hardest part.  (And the first mile…. and the second…  Okay, it was a rough run this morning.)  😉