Driven from a False Resting Place

I keep coming back to the same paragraph in Hannah Whitall Smith’s, The God of All Comfort. In a chapter entitled, “Things That Cannot Be Shaken,” she discusses the flimsy foundations we often build our lives upon rather than the sure foundation of God and God alone.

But these flimsy foundations seem so very secure. We rest in good things: ministry, productivity, family, kindness, orderly living, or intelligence.  

How can we see what cannot be shaken? In order to gain the sure foundation of God and God alone, she claims we go through various “shakings” so that what remains is that which cannot be shaken.

These shakings come from a Loving Hand in order to make us strong, immovable, and fully secure.

Smith writes, “But there comes an upheaval, and all our foundations are shaken and thrown down, and we are ready to despair and question whether we can be Christians at all. . . If people have rested on their good works and their faithful service, the Lord is often obliged to take away all power for work. . . in order that the soul may be driven from its false resting place and forced to rest in the Lord alone.”

The false resting place!

Smith further discusses the false rest of good feelings, sound doctrine, prosperity, good reputation, secure home and family, accomplishment, and even mental clarity. So many things that we rely upon for a sure foundation–when shaken–reveal that they could never save us at all.

I’m left with God alone.

Praise God, I’m left with Him alone.

Have you had “shakings” at various points on your spiritual journey?

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