Do Not Deprive Your Children of This One Pleasure

I find myself increasing controlling as the new school year begins. I worry about my daughters’ teachers, their friends, their activities, their health, and their happiness. Even after all these years of seeing God’s faithfulness, I still want to micromanage and craft the perfect childhood for them.

This morning, I find myself full of fear about this or that situation regarding them. As I sit there praying about it all, I say to myself:

“Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten already that every problem, disappointment, stressor, and point of suffering is an opportunity to see God work and to know His power? Why would I deprive my children of this particular pleasure?”

In my attempt to generate environments of only happiness, only ease, and only comfort, I’m depriving my children of the pleasure of depending on God, of knowing His power, and realizing His sufficiency in their lives.

Suddenly, I’m not praying the same way anymore. I’m not praying for easy, comfortable, or only happy. I’m praying that “they would know Christ and His power for those who believe.”

My husband comes into the kitchen at this moment, and he says, “I stopped praying for a good day today. I prayed that good or bad, I’d have a spirit-filled response to whatever happens.”

Oh, the pleasure of knowing God in any circumstance, in any suffering, in any disappointment!

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