Worth Trying for a Great Night’s Sleep

A older friend of mine and I were discussing how absolutely fantastic we feel after a great night’s sleep. We talk about the health benefits, of course, and that incredible feeling of waking up at 6:00 AM having slept deeply for 8 full hours.

Sleep changes everything. I’m nicer. I’m myself. I’m able to solve problems. I’m positive. I’m the mom and wife I want to be. I’m the teacher I want to be.

This friend reminded me that as we get older, sleep becomes more difficult because we feel too warm to sleep. She informs me that I must stay cool if I want this great night’s sleep. Unfortunately, our husbands and children might not appreciate this chilly environment.

She reveals her secret for a great night’s sleep that doesn’t freeze everyone else: A frozen water bottle wrapped in a cloth, tucked either behind her neck, right next to her body, or under her pillow. The cloth absorbs any moisture from the slow melting frozen water bottle, and it provides a nice cushion of blissful cold.

Sometimes she uses three of them. I’m laughing as I imagine her all tucked in with frozen water bottles flanking her sides.

Cooling down at night makes all the difference for a great night’s sleep for older women in particular. The brain, apparently, enjoys a room temperature of 64 degrees for perfect sleep. That’s pretty cold! And for those of us who don’t have air conditioning in these last days of summer, the frozen water bottle trick works wonders.

For this new season of back-to-school, lesson plans, meal planning, housekeeping, speaking, writing, and grading, I want a fresh start each morning. Making sleep a priority blesses my whole family. I commit to an early bedtime and some cooling down tips.

Oh, ladies: Aging isn’t always cool.

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