Just Begin Even If You Can’t See It

Do you remember how God cut off the flow of the Jordan river as the priests set foot in the water? It wasn’t before; it was as they walked. 

If you reread Joshua 3, you’ll find that Joshua says the famous lines, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” It’s so exciting! It’s so dramatic! Get ready: God is about to do something huge. 

But it wasn’t before anyone began to walk the impossible path. The miracle happened as they set foot into the waters. I see Indiana Jones (in the Last Crusade) walking across the invisible bridge that appears only as he begins to walk across it. 

Yes, we consecrate ourselves in anticipation of amazing things. We also realize these things occur as we move out in faith and not before. We launch ourselves out into the unknown and the unseen because the way appears as we begin.

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