Desperate and Dependent

The Northern Cardinal eggs hatched this morning!

Baby Northern Cardinals

Fresh from their shells, those little mouths open so wide!   Feed me!  Feed me!

I love the desperation in those little beaks (especially the baby bird on the left).   So dependent!   Those eyes cannot see yet.  Those wings don’t flap.  They contribute nothing.  I later learn that the father bird comes and feeds the baby birds.  There’s something precious about this as I consider the truth in Psalm 81, where another Father commands his people to do nothing except one thing:  “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” 

Might I lean back, open wide my life (even when I can’t see the path) and let God fill me?  Desperate and dependent characterizes another way to live with flair.  We’re baby Northern Cardinals, opening wide to the Father’s provision today. 

Journal:  Have you found God’s provision when you are desperate and dependent on Him?

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