Can You Guess What This Is?

It’s my daughter holding the remains of a turtle egg.

Turtle Egg

This weekend, I went for a walk along the Rappahannock River.  As I walked along, I started to hope–against the odds–that I might find a turtle.

On the Banks of the River

I always look for turtles.  I rarely find them.  (There was that one strange day when I tried to lure a turtle out from under my porch.) Turtles and I have a strange history.  I can remember every single one I’ve ever found.  When I think about turtles, they symbolize all the Good Things, all the Enchanted Wonder, all the Beautiful Hope of childhood.

Have you found a turtle and felt this way?

So I’m walking along the river, hoping for something as silly as a turtle.  

And lo and behold! 

Turtle Laying Eggs

 The whole landscape becomes a turtle heaven!

Turtle Eggs

The mountain laurel hides their nests. 

Hiking Through Mountain Laurel

I look down, and I find another one. 

Turtle Hiding in the Leaves
Mountain Laurel Blooming

 And then another. 

Another Turtle

 It was a great day.

Then, as if those turtles weren’t enough, I saw three more when I went on a walk with my sister in another part of the state.

Those turtles remind me of abundance and delight.  If I hunt, I will find. 

Journal:  Do you remember finding turtles?

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  1. As a matter of fact, I do remember finding a turtle once. When I was eight years old, my brother and I went wading in the creek in our yard to find some pretty stones. There was a very lovely white stone beneath the surface that I was reaching for, when I noticed the tiny turtle right next to it; he could fit right into the palm of my hand! We let him go after a few minutes. We never saw him or any other turtles in that creek again after that.

  2. Here in Florida, we have an abundance of gopher tortoises on our property. They dig deep in the sand to make a home and lay their eggs. Each time I see one, I am reminded of the story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise won the race because he persisted. He was slow and steady. I love that story. Goes to show that the victory is not always to the fastest….but to the one who perseveres. Thanks for sharing your turtle story Heather. Love the pictures!!!

  3. Yes, in my suburb we have a lagoon in which there live turtles. She all appear when the surface of the water is disturbed hoping for food. They often are found sunning themselves around the edge. One day recently we found one in the middle of our street. It seems to have either come up the drain or walked here. We put it in a bucket & took it back to the lagoon. They are so cute.