Create a Little Joy: Grow Peas

We check the garden every day now. We’re already harvesting cucumbers, but the tomatoes, beets, and peppers aren’t anywhere near ready. 

The sunflower hasn’t bloomed; the blackberries aren’t black; the raspberries have no blossoms yet.

But the peas are close. Very close.

I’ll gather them in a bowl and begin the shucking of peas. The simple work of it makes me happy in ways I never knew I could be.

I’m adding this to my list of things to do to create a little joy:

Grow peas.

Watch their little tendrils vine and stretch.

Watch the white blossoms elongate into pods.

Watch them soften and nearly pop with peas.

Eat them with delight.

A vegetable garden roots me to a sacred experience–a cycle of seed, growth, and harvest–that I love observing.  

Are you harvesting your own garden this month? 

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  1. This reminds me of the joys of just doing simple things when I was a kid, later learning about their unique biology–tendrils, etc–then, Mendel's peas took over.  Now, with gardening peas, it going back to pure joy. – Ajay