3 Exceedingly Delightful Things

At 6:20 AM, my husband calls me to the window to see something exceedingly delightful (and seldom seen) by humans.

Two Pileated Woodpeckers perform a mating dance in my front yard. I’m not kidding. The male bows to the female, begins to hop a circle around her, and then flaps his wings around the trunk of a tree to show off his powerful wings.

Who knew they do that?

Then, my children discover enormous Queen Anne’s Lace in a field to put in colored water (we do it every summer) for bouquets of orange, green, and purple flowers.

Who knew Queen Anne’s Lace grew so big?

Then, I notice that the sunflower my daughter grew from seed in a big pot has changed positions. It’s following the sun and the sunflower hasn’t even bloomed. The whole plant knows to chase the sun, not just the flower.

Who knew?

We have many things to think about today. Exceedingly delightful things!

Did you observe something exceedingly delightful today?

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0 Responses

  1. Those woodpeckers are amazing.
    As I took the dogs outside this morning, I heard some tapping in the trees across the creek. It stopped when I paid attn; sounded like a woodpecker here, too.
    What a day of flair!

  2. How wonderful to see the dance of the woodpeckers! I have seen that kind only once here and that years ago.
    I had no idea about the Queen Anne's Lace taking up the dye – I am going to pick some and try this – thank you!

    My amazing thing was to see a Hummingbird Moth poking around in the bee balm blossoms this afternoon.