Coming into Your Own: When the Italian Mama Tried My Chicken-n-Dumplings

Today, I call the Italian Mama to tell her I will be delivering her Chicken-n-Dumplings in the afternoon.  I promised her family (especially her sons) that I would make them.  Ever since I let the Italian Mama and her sons sample my recipe a month ago, I’ve been beaming with pride about her response.  She loved them!  She wanted more!  She couldn’t believe the flavors!

And did I mention that her sons–her Italian sons–wanted them? 

I repeat: The Italian Mama and her sons want some of my Southern Mama cookin’. 

I do have something to teach and share in the kitchen.  I do have something to pass on.  You know you’ve come into your own when the Italian Mama wants some of your cooking.

Enjoy my own recipe below.  

Live with Flair’s Chicken-n-Dumplings

  • In a large pot with a lid, saute some vegetables in butter and a tablespoon of thyme, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper.  Good vegetables to use are corn, celery, onion, carrots, peas, and sweet peppers.  
  • Add 4-8 cups of water or chicken broth and bring to boil. (Less water means you’ll have more dumplings and less of a “soupy” dish; more water will make more of a creamy stew.)
  • Add 3 raw chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces.  Let chicken cook for 15 minutes.  
  • Then, turn down the heat to low, and add tablespoons of biscuit dough (either refrigerator biscuits, Bisquick, or homemade with flour: all three ways taste great). I like to have at least 20 little dumplings per pot. Put the lid on your pot and cook for a full 20 minutes. Dough will puff up and become cooked through while absorbing all the delicious flavors of your vegetables and broth.   You can add more salt and pepper before serving. 


Do you have a special secret Chicken-n-Dumplings recipe?

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  1. I will trade linguine and clams with you any day of the week for a batch of your chicken and dumplings!  Today's batch was outstanding as the first sample was.  Son #1 had two huge servings and licked his plate clean.  I couldn't resist a second helping myself.  There goes my girlish figure!  Thank you, thank you so much! 

  2. I've never made Chicken & Dumplings, this looks so good! I have to try it.
    I think back and remember a similar excitement as a young mom.

    We had moved to the country and our neighbors were a bit
    reluctant to become friends with city folk. After our sweet daughter was born,
    everything changed!
    Once, when we were invited for a dinner, I offered to bring muffins. I
    took blueberry muffins. Nothing much was said but they were eaten. The next
    day, my phone rang and there was my neighbor asking for my recipe, her men-folk
    liked it better than hers!
    I could barely contain myself! I felt like I had personally arrived and had been accepted into the community of great cooks.
    The memory still makes me laugh!