Hidden Pictures

This week, we’ve been having so much fun with a Hidden Pictures Sticker Fun book from Highlights (remember those as far back as 1946?)  We’re giggling over the teacup hidden within an armpit or a banana that’s a man’s tie.  We find toothbrushes in the rafters, socks in the leg of a dinner table, and sailboats in the bed.

Look closely!  Things are not what they seem!  

Children love to see that something could be one thing but also another.  You train the eye; you go deeper into the scene.  You have to learn to see a different way.

The morning unfolds before us.  We can skim the surface, or we can delve into the hidden things:  the blessings, the mysteries, the greatness.  It won’t immediately look this way, but it’s in there.

I’m off to find the hidden pictures today. 

I hope you find the hidden picture today!

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