Another Dimension

This morning at grandpa’s house, I take a moment to read a pop-up book by Robert Sabuda, the paper engineering genius.  I marvel over the intricate designs and how, when you turn a page, an entire world unfolds in another dimension.  The book enters the room, right upon my lap.  Why haven’t I found these books before? 

On Mr. Sabuda’s website, he teaches you how to make your own pop-up creations.  I cannot wait to try them.  Maybe I’ll invite my children to join me. 

Sometimes, you leave the digital book and remember the wonder of paper and turning pages.  With pop-up books, you remember what it means to interact with texture and smells, sounds and movement. 

I’m going to try my hand at the reindeer, snowman, and angel.  Living with flair means you read a pop-up book and remember the ancient enjoyment of books you hold in your hand.

Do you remember the wonder of pop-up books? 

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  1. I am totally old-school, in that I much prefer holding a book in my hands.  I know that my entire library (four packed shelves worth) of reading material in my home office would fit on a Kindle with room to spare, but I love the feel of a physical book in my hands – turning the pages, flipping back and forth to compare passages.  I love having several books laying open on my desk when I study so that I can look at multiple texts at the same time, something which is hard to do digitally even on an oversized 27″ computer monitor.

    And nothing beats the joy of playing with the physical mechanical wonders of a well designed and crafted pop-up book.  

    I love the physical interaction – touching and feeling – that goes along with reading.

    I'd love to see your attempts at a pop-up book!