We Have a Problem

My youngest daughter receives magnetic earrings from Grandma to pretend as if those little ears are really pierced.  The magnet jewel sits on top of the earlobe, and a powerful magnet backing goes behind her ear to hold the earring in place. 

In theory, this works.  However, we quickly realize that strong magnets latch onto any metal she passes.  I’m on my hands and knees half the day, looking for whatever metal thing has attracted her jewel.  Her own headband, for example, sucks the earrings away from her ears. 

She needs the real earrings–piercing deep inside–to keep the jewel in place.  That night, I think of my own heart, drawn away and sucked into the vortex of shiny objects and luring ideas.  I want my heart pierced so deeply with God’s truth that nothing else can attract it.

As we count down to Christmas morning, I’m so thankful for the birth of a Savior that pierced me for real.  Whatever passes by cannot shake that rare Jewel within me. 

How do you resist the lure? 

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