All the Things You Didn’t Even Know Were Here

The winning pie at the Boalsburg Memorial Day Fair is something I haven’t even imagined in my mind before. 

Coconut Key Lime.

You know my problem with coconut. 

I didn’t get the recipe or try this winning pie, but I immediately come home and proclaim, “I have to make that pie!” 

So I do. 

I use a recipe by Martha Stewart called Coconut Key Lime Pie.  I make three pies: one for a new neighbor, one for a fellow coconut lover, and one for my husband and daughters. 

Yesterday, I didn’t know that Coconut Key Lime Pie existed.  Today, I do. 

All morning in my kitchen, I think about all the things I have yet to discover in this wonderful world. 

Did you discover a new thing today? 

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0 Responses

  1. Yes!  Indeed!  If you stop by in the midst of the chaos down there, I will serve you a piece!  Come on!! 

  2. It was delish'. Glad to be the 'new neighbour'. Maybe i should move more…do you think i'd be given more pies???