The Smallest Things Pay Tribute

On Memorial Day, I pause with the kind of awareness that brings tears to my eyes.  I’m aware of my particular freedoms–the smallest ones that I always take for granted–that were secured for me by the sacrifice of others.

It’s amazing. It’s humbling.  It makes these little blueberries in the bowl, this warm cup of coffee, these sausages in the pan, these bathing suits ready for an afternoon at the pool, and this little sentence signify freedom and opportunity.  They signify safety.

I hardly think about this on most days.

Perhaps the fact that I don’t often think about how free I am proves the extent of my freedom.  

It comes at a great cost, and I’m so thankful today. I know that some families think about this every day.  They’ve lost loved ones, and for them, this isn’t a day they suddenly remember or pay tribute.  Every day is a sacrifice for them.  I’m thankful for them today, too. 

Thank you!

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